in Type2Phone you have the option to choose Serbian & Serbian (Latin), pretty much the same options as offered by OS X. 

Serbian maps to Serbian Cyrillic script and
Serbian Latin maps to Serbian Latin Alphabet.

But when I choose Serbian as the input on OS X and Serbian as the input on Type2Phone, and type in Serbian Cyrillic, Type2Phone shows the characters as typed in, but the text sent across to my iPhone is converted to the Latin (Alphabet) characters.

For example when I type in Serbian Cyrillic: љ 
the key sent across to iPhone is Alphabet's: q

So what's the story here?

Thank you
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It seems that the only way to get Serbian Cyrillic input is to do this:

1. Have OS X's input set to Serbian Cyrillic
2. Choose Serbian as the input on Type2Phone
3. Choose Serbian as the keyboard on iPhone

I assumed that only 1. & 2. are required.

Also, reading this thread:

it seems like 1. & 2. are only required.

Am I mistaken? 

Thank you
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Type2Phone and iPhone need to be set to the same layout. (#2 and #3 in your list). iPhone needs to make sense of what Type2Phone sends.

The OS X keyboard layout is mostly irrelevant. I.e. you can use any keyboard layout on the Mac as long as it produces the same script. If your Mac is set to type latin characters, you won't be able to get cyrillic characters to Type2Phone.

Thus you will probably need all 3 settings.

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