I keep coming back to HoudahSpot - or staying with HoudahSpot. HoudahSpot continues to be a good solution for me to track work that I am doing. I recently tried NeoFinder, a cataloging app that unfortunately, really sucked at showing text previews. But the idea of searches on many volumes, which are not necessarily mounted, got me thinking about the reason for making this topic and suggestion or idea for HoudahSpot.

NeoFinder uses a database to build search information on drives or DVDs which are not mounted. I am not suggesting that this is a good idea in HoudahSpot. But, this does give me an idea of something that could work in HoudahSpot.

I am realizing that, in at least one of my drives, the one I store all my movies on, I have many template searches saved in HoudahSpot which focus only on that externally mounted drive. When the drive is unmounted, clicking on a Houdahspot templated search will show no results. Of course this is normal and when you look at the search criterion you can quickly see that it is pointing a search at a volume. Then, hopefully you figure out that the volume is unmounted.

Sometimes the volume is unmounted because you forgot that you swapped it for a backup drive and sometimes for other reasons.

My suggestion is simply to suggest that, perhaps there could be a way for a templated HoudahSpot search, when it reads the directory the search includes, and finds that directory is not a mounted volume, to show an error condition.

Perhaps a small error window appears when the search is selected? Perhaps the search title turns gray or becomes italicized when the drive is unmounted that the search parameters are indicating?

I thought this would be an idea worth mentioning.


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