A suggestion: Often the most relevant path element of choosing a needed file is near the end of a path. When the path is showing as a column in the results list, even the short path's last elements are so far to the right as to be impractical. 

The suggestion is to allow the path to be shown in reverse, so that the immediate parent is the first path element viewed in the path column.

So, instead of viewing this in the path column of the results list...


You would see something like...

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That’s an interesting idea. Thank you for the feedback.

Do you need to see the detailed path for a single file or for all files?
If you are mainly interested in the path of the currently selected file, you can see that at the bottom of the window. This should always show the start and the end of the path and only truncate somewhere in the middle. The truncated part can be revealed by hovering the mouse pointer over the path.

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Thanks for your quick response.

I mean to see the reverse path for all the files in the found results list at once as viewed now in the path column of the found results list, except they are now not shown in reverse hierarchy.
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