Hi Pierre,

I am using the current version of HoudahGeo 3. 
For archival purposes I use to generate XMP sidecars because
- I do not want to change the originals
- the *.hgeo file contains the complete path and if I move the files it wont find the originals unless I use sqlite to change the contents.

The problem I got now is that the sidecars are never created.
Although I have the option "always write xmp sidecars" selected, "bypass" and "tag masters" deselected HoudahGeo always writes the info into the original.

By the way, is it possible to load the generated csv-file back into HoudahGeo?

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Hi Rob!

Which version of HoudahGeo are you using?

HoudahGeo 3.0.3 fixed a bug where missing sidecars were not created. Basically the "Always write XMP sidecars" option was not honored.

You should leave "Tag Masters / Originals" selected. With this HoudahGeo will tag the master files or their XMP sidecars.

Currently there is no way to load CSV files back into HoudahGeo. But that is something that is on the radar.

Pierre Bernard
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Hi Pierre,

ok that did the trick. I was still using 3.0.2 (downloaded yesterday evening). 3.0.3 fixed the problem.

Thanks :-)
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