The media browser in HoudahGeo 5.1.5 takes a very, very long time to load the content of my Photos 1.5 library. My Photos library contains approximately 50000 photos and videos, approximately 1000 albums and perhaps a few thousand smart albums.

When I start HoudahGeo and then click on my Photos library in HoudahGeo's media browser, it takes over one hour before HoudahGeo displays the contents of my Photos library. During this very long waiting period, HoudahGeo displays a spinning/rotating icon next to the Photos library in the media browser. Eventually (after over an hour), the contents of my Photos library do appear in HoudahGeo's media browser and then I can work normally with all items from my Photos library.

I think it is reasonable to expect that the media browser should load in much, much less than one hour. Does anyone else experience a similar problem? Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get the media browser to load more quickly?

I am evaluating HoudahGeo 5.1.5 for use with my Photos 1.5 library on MacOS 10.11.6. I plan to upgrade to Photos 2 and MacOS 10.12 Sierra as soon as I know HoudahGeo works well enough with Photos so that I can stop using Aperture for geocoding.

I created my Photos 1.5 library by importing my Aperture library. This process went well and I can see all of the items from my Aperture library in my newly created Photos library.

Any suggestions will be most appreciated.

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HoudahGeo relies on official Apple API to access the Photos library. This unforunately is much slower than reading directly from the Photos library files. 1 hour however is excessive. Either the API has problems handling the large amount of photos, or something else is keeping HoudahGeo busy.

Can you use Activity to check what HoudahGeo is up to while you wait for the library to load?

1. Open /Applications/Utilities/Activity
2. Select HoudahGeo in the list of processes
3. Select View > Sample Process
4. This will create a text report of current activities of HoudahGeo
5. Repeat a few more times while the library is loading
6. Please email the text reports to support at houdah 


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Thank you for the prompt reply to my posting. I have sent the "Sample Process" reports that you requested to Houdah support. Here are some additional observations that might help diagnose the problem:

During the 43 minutes that it took for a recent load of the media browser in HoudahGeo on my iMac, the memory used by the and kernel_task processes (as reported by the MacOS Activity Monitor application) increased steadily until all of the physical memory of my iMac (24 GB) was in use. When the media browser finally finished loading, the processes using the most amount of memory were:

9 GB (approx):    HoudahGeo
9 GB (approx):
9,5 GB (approx): kernel_task

After the media bowser finished loading, these memory values dropped to approximately:
9 GB :    HoudahGeo (no reduction)
4.7 GB:
5.3 GB: kernel_task

Could this be a sign of a memory leak somewhere?

Perhaps an odd observation was that the Activity Monitor "Memory" tab reported that the number of "ports" (Mach ports?) used by the process increased over time. When the media browser finally finished loading, the number of ports used by the process was approximately 36000, although this number dropped back to approximately 80 after the media browser finally finished loading.

The number of ports used by HoudahGeo remained roughly constant at around 260-290 during and after the load.

While the media browser was loading, the CPU load was roughly constant. Most of the CPU time was used by:

50-75% of 1 core:
30-50% of 1 core:    photolibraryd

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I have been in touch with Houdah support. They took this issue seriously and have improved the loading of the media browser so that it is now much faster for large Photos libraries.

The problem will be fixed in version 5.1.6.

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