If I have a specific folder location I am searching, is there any added benefit to using "exclude locations"?

Also, Word Doc searching is a bit sluggish. Is there any way to speed that up?

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“Exclude locations” is one way to narrow down the search: get fewer results to browse through. It does not help with performance.

What is slow about searching Word Docs? HoudahSpot searches the Spotlight index. This relies on importer plug-ins to get metadata and text content from files. Each file type is handled by a specific importer. This happens as files are saved. The text content is saved to the Spotlight index. Searching text content extracted from Word files should not be slower that searching text content obtained from other files.

Once you have found a file, you may preview it using “Text Preview” in HoudahSpot. This calls upon the same importers to get text from the files. This may take a moment as the importer needs to be started up and it needs to read the whole file. Do you find HoudahSpot to work faster when “Text Preview” is hidden?

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