Hi- I was using HS this morning and it didn't find what I was looking for and under the Search page there was a little message, something to do with an Apple Script- I opened it up and looked at it but it was Greek to me so I saved it to my desktop and there it sits. Not sure why it came up but I have attached it here so if anyone wants to take a look, they can. Seems like HS should have found what I was looking for though- I was looking for the crash log (seen it before but right now can't remember where it's located). Anyway, just thought I'd report this in case it's something that should be taken care of. Judy
PS- I couldn't attach the script- got an error message....... the extension is not one of the ones listed.
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I am not sure I understand what happened.

Did you click the HS (HoudahSpot) icon in the Finder toolbar?
I can't think of anything else that involves AppelScript.

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Yes, it was the 'hs' icon in the Finder. I just tried to duplicate it and couldn't so until it happens again, there's not much you can do. Sorry about that. Judy
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