I am told by CNET that I have old versions of "Adobe Camera Raw".
I put that into the name contains search field and pick /
But I get no hits. I know there is a folder in my Library/Caches, but it does not get returned.

Now none of my searches are working anymore. I just picked a file name in my Documents folder, and it is not found either.

What can be wrong? Click image for larger version - Name: spot.png, Views: 8, Size: 82.33 KB
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The Caches folder is usually not indexed by Spotlight. Thus HoudahSpot cannot find files located there.

If you have a more general problem with HoudahSpot, please verify if it is limited to HoudahSpot or if it also affects Spotlight. If Spotlight is affected, you will need to rebuild your Spotlight index. I recommend using Spotless for this task.

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Ah. I installed Snow Leopard on a different Hard disk, and it was listed in the privacy list for spotlight. So nothing was indexed (except for my time machine volume).
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