I have not been able to find an answer to this online, and this may not necessarily be the place to ask. But...

Does anyone know if there is a limitation on how many characters can be put in a Spotlight Comment field?

I had asked this back in 2009 in the Apple Discussion forums and got no answer other than "don't use Spotlight Comments to store file information because they don't stick with the file if you move it between machines" (which is only true if you are moving the files to a non-Mac OS X machine.) I did some testing at the time and found that the Spotlight Comment field would not accept a comment of more than 500 characters unless you had already created a Comment with fewer than 500 characters. Once the Comment (the file's extended attribute) is created, then I was able to paste in comments up to 750 characters. However, my testing was hardly scientific.

Are HoudahSpot's Tags entered in the Spotlight Comments field, and hence would count toward any character limit?

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I don't know what the limits on the Spotlight comment field are. I don't remember seeing this documented anywhere.

HoudahSpot does not store its tags in the Spotlight comment field. So they don't count toward whatever the limit is.

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Thank you, Pierre. If I ever find out I'll let you know.

And I see I did not use HoudahSpot's Help very well. Says right there that HS's tags use OpenMeta, but it sounds like there's some problems getting apps that try to share OpenMeta tags approved for Apple's App Store.
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