I'm just getting started with Houdah Spot.

On my Mac, I have Adobe Acrobat and Readdle PDF Expert.
For quick editing and other simple work I use the much faster PDF Expert.
Acrobat serves for OCR and other Pre-Press stuff.

Within macOS I set up PDF Expert as my standard PDF application.
When I doubleclick a PDF file in Finder or Forklift, this works fine.
But Houdah Geo always uses Acrobat as default application, when I open a PDF in the search results.

I already tried to uninstall Acrobat: The result: HG opens the PDF in the macOS Preview.

Question: How can I make Houdah Geo open the PDFs in PDF Expert?

Thanks a lot
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HoudahSpot should use the application assigned to the file or the default application for the file extension.

You can make these settings in Finder. Select your PDF file. In File > Get Info select an application under the Open With header. To apply the setting to all PDF files, click Change All…

It sounds like you already did this. Do give it a try nonetheless. Maybe the settings did not stick.

HoudahSpot uses two different methods of opening files. If you searched for text content or any text (e.g. using the main search field), HoudahSpot tries to pass the search text on to the next application so that the application can select the text or allow you to press command-G (Find Again) to jump to the text. 

Try searching by name only. Does the PDF open using the expected application?
Try searching by text content. Does this make a difference?
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