I am new to geotagging and GPS logging in general. I really want to do three things:

1) Capture logs in a useful and lossless (all logger data preserved) format for archiving and later use
2) Visualize track information
3) Geotag my photos

I know that HoudahGeo's specialty is #3, but quite honestly my main focus is #'s 1 and 2.

From my initial playing around with HoudahGeo, it does not look like it is really useful for #1, in that the exported tracks need to be associated with photos - I want to capture all of the tracks in their entirety - some tracks I will be capturing will have no photos associated with them at all.

#2 is not really supported either for tracks with no photos. As someone else mentioned, having tracks displayed on the map would be a great feature - and is one that the Windows software that came bundled with my Qstarz 1000xt does automatically.

#3 is HoudahGeo's forte, and from what I have seen it does a great job, and I really like the export options.

What is just a *bit* frustrating to me is that it looks like I need to use HoudahGPS for capture, Google Earth to see all the trails, and HoudahGeo to tag things, when the bundled Windows QTravel app seems like it does all these things (just not as attractively).

This also means I need to almost immediately write everything in two different formats - GPX for data archiving, and KMZ for visualizing using Google Earth.

I have been happy to find that there are Mac options for both device setup (BT747) and device data access and capture on the Mac. It just seems like I am missing something here.

Is it really not possible to use HoudahGeo to read and then write full tracks from the device without photos? And to view tracks within the application? It seems like almost all the pieces are in place to make HoudahGeo an all-in-one solution, yet it seems to be focused a bit too much on the geotagging workflow.

I have not spent a lot of time with HoudahGeo yet, and I certainly may have mis-interpreted some things. But I can definitely tell you that clicking on a track in the track list and not having *anything* show up in the Map windows is very disconcerting for a newbie - did I actually get any track points at all? An additional column in the track list indicating # of points would be a big help.

If I go with HoudahGeo, is this really the best workflow for me?
  • Full capture from GPS logger to GPX with HoudahGPS
  • Full capture from GPS logger to KMZ with HoudahGPS
  • Open KMZ with Google Earth to look at / verify my trails
  • Load Photos into iPhoto 9 (latest)
  • Point HoudahGeo at the iPhoto "Last Import" Folder and update in place
  • Export to Flickr, etc. as desired
Having the ability to export all or selected trails in their entirety, and being able to view the trails from within HoudahGeo would make it an all-in-one solution for me and a no-brainer for $30. As it is, I am on the fence, as running Windows under Parallels isn't *that* bad and I am able to read, view, and export trails from within a single app. 

I know that general trail plotting on the built-in map is not there, but I would like to know for sure that my observations about capture->export of full trails is not there, and not something that I have just missed.

I really am impressed with how HoudahGeo handles its core function, geotagging, but I really want a single tool for my HPS logger or at least a correct workflow. Am I on the right track?

Thanks for any feedback.

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The current version of HoudahGeo imports and saves only parts of the track log. Properties which are not needed for geotagging are discarded. Thus there is no way to export the full track log from a HoudahGeo project.

There however is an option for HoudahGeo to archive tracks in the Track Library. This is merely a folder with all track logs that HoudahGeo has ever imported. But it may serve your purpose for #1.

You do not need to import the photos into iPhoto to process them with HoudahGeo. You may process them before importing into iPhoto.

HoudahGeo is being actively developed. I hope to be able to add track visualization in a future version.

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