I purchased a Holux m-241 logger (MTK chipset) to use on a week-long backpacking trip.  I chose it for 2 reasons - it took AA batteries (so I could put in a freshly charged battery each day) and it had a display.  I'd previously had an AMOD 3080, and it was simply not a turn-on-and-forget device.  

Each morning, I'd put a new battery in the m-241, turn it on, and then after it had locked on to a signal I'd take a picture of the m-241 time display.  MUCH simpler than carefully setting the camera time.  Also, if I forgot to take a picture of the GPS clock in the morning, I could just take a picture of the clock at lunchtime instead.  This way, I could be assured that my GPS tracks would have an accurate time without having to spend all that much time fiddling in the field (literally).

This leads me to my suggestion.  I'd like to see a feature in HoudahGeo that lets me choose any picture (i.e. my picture of the GPS clock), and then manually enter the correct time.  Once this is done, it uses this offset to determine the proper time for the entire picture set.  The Ovolab program has this feature.  I can find the picture of the clock, enter in the "correct" time for that picture, and it will offset the time accordingly for the rest of the pictures.

I purchased Houdah Geo because I liked the interface and workflow, but I ended up also buying the Ovolab program because I really wanted the ability to use a GPS clock photo for setting the time offset.  I like Houdah Geo better - I'd switch back if this feature were implemented.


John F
New York, NY

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Thanks for the feedback. I am always considering options for making time synching easier.

Lately, the Camera Setup sheet gained a new addition: a "live" display of camera time. You can thus verify your settings by making sure the display matches the time currently showing on your camera.

Pierre Bernard
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