I'm a DJ and i would like if you could add the use Wildcard characters (*) in the search boxes.

For example if have this 2 files:

bob sinclar-love generation.mp3

if I type "bob sinclar" [as name containing] it will only find the 2nd file and not the 1st one !!

to find both I would need two boxes in which I type "bob" and "sinclar"

For me to do this while I'm Djing is waste of time, for every song I'm looking for.

A solution I was using when using Windows with Locate32, was that there was an inbuilt option in which spaces where automatically taken as they where wildcards. In this way i could only type the 2 words with a space and i could find what i was looking for.

I think this feature would be very helpful for many of us.
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Indeed you currently need two criteria to get to your file. I would suggest you set up a preferred template file with several "Name" criteria.

Thanks for the feature suggestion.

Pierre Bernard
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