suggestions for specific filename workaround and possible developmentpath(s) to address hat and enhance more....I started the thread anew as it seems the poster ran out of gas on this one so the dying thread was about

R.E."cannot do a search on a specific filename"

thread located at:

"...... sbstrum

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I have extolled HS to all members of our Mac users group and to all my colleagues around the world. Definitely this is a terrific app. Maybe I am missing something but it is hard for me to believe that i cannot do a search on a specific filename. IOW, if I were to search a Word document for the word Lin I could select the option to "find whole words only". In HS, if I select filename or name and type in Lin i get all kinds of files that are not desired such as: clinical, collins, gamelin, delinsky, demyelination, pregabalin, etc.

Maybe this is in HS and I have missed it but I have spent hours for a way to obtain exact words or phrases that are in the filename--but without success. Any help with this or an update to solve this would empower the use of HS further. Thanks.


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I actually tried to add this feature in HoudahSpot 2.3.1 and failed miserably. The Spotlight engine would not honor the request to search for whole words only.

I'll give it another try further down the road.

Pierre Bernard


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MF: I thank you for your input but i think I have exhausted my interest in pursuing this until those at HoudahSpot can figure out a more user friendly approach. Thanks for your input.


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I downloaded this as I have really big needs to search 10 plus terabytes of unstructured date, so far I think it's great, obviously still a work in progress.

I may be wrong as I have been in IT for some time, but i am just beginning a learning project on programming. (The Stanford and Berkeley Courses on YouTube and Itunes are amazing, Stanford is better, I am doing Programming Methodology or Paradigms, 105a with the Persian heritage teacher, awesome teaher, basically a Java intro with the best teacher I have seen in 3 degrees).

My thought was that I believe Unix has many native callable libraries for regexp etc, Pearl is born for this and comes on the Mac, so to with Python, JRuby and Ruby are easily installed and jruby can call any Java Functions and C++ etc, or if desperate like me, you can get books on this stuff, pearl, Mac Unix command Line via Terminal and I would bet my left nut that this can be done, even just by doing some regexp and cli stuff. No?

I also installed Vmware fusion and can run any windows tool, UE studio has a great set of well respected IDE and file tools around 100 bucks or less, Sharepoint Server foro Search is free at Microsoft, so just learn it and put it into a VM. Always away, don't limit things to just spotlight, this HS is great, but there is more than one thing you can pull up into it, don't let the Apple Spotlight limitations stop you, why not pull in a whole bunch of best of breed. Jruby just had one of the developere port from C, the fastest Regexp engine in the world, again, all free or reusable. Live Long and Prosper.

Lt. Command Spock.

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