Is there any way to get HoudahSpot (4.2.6) to follow symlinks when searching?

For example, if my search location is ~/ and I've replaced the normal Documents folder so that ~/Documents is a symlink pointing to /Volumes/HD2/user/Documents, can HoudahSpot follow the symlink to search the actual folder location?

This came up because I'd like to reuse saved searches, including on one Mac that has multiple hard drives and several of these types of symlinks. Some of the searches are limiting the search to a location (e.g. ~/Documents) so I'd prefer not to include "local volumes + user home folder".


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Currently HoudahSpot does not follow symbolic links in search locations.
I have noted this as a feature request.

If the Volume that holds the Documents folder is always available, you might want to consider using a mount point rather than a symbolic link.


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I wanted to check to make sure I wasn't missing something.  Thanks for the tip re: using a mount point, I'll check that out.

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