Templates and files seem to open differently in HS. Is there a way to determine whether a file/template should open as a tab or in a new window? Is there a way to make everything open in a tab?

Is there a way to create a folder within the templates panel so that some templates will be hidden (unless needed) in the folder in the template panel?

I make templates rather than files because I can see the templates, but not the files, on the screen. But when I resave the template I have to enter the entire name again. Perhaps a future version could show the current name at the time of a resave?

HS is still the best program on my MAC.

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HoudahSpot 5 respects the "Prefer tabs when opening new documents" setting in System Preferences > Dock.

In HoudahSpot > Preferences > Templates you will find a button to create folders.

I have noted your feature request on retaining the template name when saving.
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Thank you very much. Very helpful. I did search help before writing and didn't find information about these things. But I may have missed it. Thanks again.
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