I continue to enjoy using HoudahSpot to organize my Mac. I build a saved template search for al my user manuals. Trouble is, my Scrivener manual is not showing the tag search in HoudahSpot. Why?

Scrivener is a package app that holds the PDF user manual in its Resources folder. Tagging this PDF file is not showing any result in the HoudahSpot search results.

The file path is: 
Applications/Writing Apps/Scrivener 3.0/Contents/Resources/Scrivener User Manual
The file is tagged as: “manual”.
The HoudahSpot search is:
Tags contains manual
NONE of the tags contains archive
Locations:Local volumes + user home
Exclude locations: None
Limit: No limit 

The HoudahSpot search results include other files in the Applications folder that are in the found list so I know I have not excluded the applications folder on my Mac from the search.

Is there some restriction on HoudahSpot being able to look within a folder contents? That is, a package folder is essentially a folder with many files in it and in this case, the user manual is in that group of files.

I will have to copy the manual and put it in my documents folder, change the Package folder version to an alias or, maybe this works in some way that I am not yet understanding?


PS: I made an alias of the file, moved the alias to my documents folder, tagged the alias with "manual", and now it is in the search results. The question remains though, is something in a package folder not going to be found by HoudahSpot? 
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HoudahSpot searches the Spotlight index. This focusses on user files. It excludes many system files and does not include contents of packages. To most users, packages are supposed to appear as single files. Many applications rely on the protection against accidental modification this affords them. 

I recommend against modifying your Scrivener application bundle/package. Doing so will break the code signature of the application. If you had granted the application permission to access photos, to automate other applications, or the like, those permissions would be voided. Without a valid code signature you will not be able to grant the application any such privileges.

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Then my solution seems to have fixed the problem. Made an alias of the PDF in the Package and moved the alias to documents, and tagged the alias. All the files in the package are the same as they were.

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