Tembo is an incredible program...until now. Just upgraded finally to Mac OS 10.13.2 and now Tembo doesnt work properly. I type something into the search bar and it finds things.

When I click on the "folders" tab for example to see the results- it goes blank instead of showing me any the results, even though it says "710 results" in the top left corner. Even when I then click the "back" button- it doesn't work. So something is 100% definitely wrong with the program running in OS 10.13.2

I use Tembo dozens of times a day- every day. I need this to work. Can anyone please help ?

Thanks in advance.
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Tembo 1.x unfortunately no longer works correctly under macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Please consider upgrading to Tembo 2. This brings new features and improved performance. It is a $8 upgrade. The upgrade is free if you purchased on or after March 1, 2015.

When you load your license file (direct purchase) into the new version you will be offered the option to buy an upgrade at USD $8 + tax. Licenses purchased after March 1, 2015 need no upgrade.

If you purchased through the Mac App Store:

  1. If you no longer have Temo 1 installed: Download Tembo 1 from the App Store.
  2. n Tembo 1
  3. Download Tembo 2 from 
  4. Install the demo version of Tembo 2 next to the App Store version of Tembo 1
  5. Run Tembo 2. It should offer you upgrade pricing.

If that fails, please email a proof of purchase (e.g. App Store screenshot or receipt) for Tembo 1 to support at

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