You may not wish to answer this, but I'm curious about the rationale for the different pricing structure for Tembo at the App Store vs. the web site.

If I understand correctly, a developer must share part of the App Store price with Apple.  Presumably, the entire price at the developer's web site goes to the developer. 

So, why charge $9.99 at the App Store and $15 on the web site?  Is the feature set different?
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Tembo is sold exclusively through the Mac App Store.

The web site show the regular price. Tembo happens to be on sale this weekend. That's why the App Store is currently showing a lower price.

Pierre Bernard
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Houdah Software s. à r. l.

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Tembo: Easy and effective file search
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Ahh, interesting.  Thank you.

I haven't figured out if I like the App Store yet (I mean the concept, not the execution).  Apps all get placed in the Applications folder, which I don't like, since I don't like to clutter my Application folder with lots of utilities (I have a folder called $Misc Utils.  I know I can move the apps, but I'm pretty sure I read that doing so may foul things up.
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