I'm wondering if any of you Tembo users can sum up what you see as the basic, fundamental differences between Tembo and Houdahspot?
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HoudahSpot and Tembo are both file search tools based upon the Spotlight engine. They however differ in core philosophy. Ultimately they solve slightly different problems. Yet picking one over the other is mostly a matter of personal preference.

HoudahSpot gives you tools to build precise queries. You can build theses queries upfront and only start the search once you are ready. You can also refine the query is on the fly. E.g. through “find by example”. The idea is to end up with a rather short list of results. The single file you are looking for or a list of files requiring the same action.

Tembo lets you start a search with minimal effort. This will be a rather broad search. Tembo then assists you in browsing those results to find what you are looking for. You first drill down into the group that matches the type of files you are looking for. Then Tembo provides you with filters to reduce the list of items you need to browse through.

Over time HoudahSpot has also added on quite a few power user features: CSV export, AppleScript, custom URL schemes, …

I use Tembo and HoudahSpot for different purposes. Tembo handles my easy / everyday searches. I turn to HoudahSpot for more detailed / complex searches. E.g. when I need to find a HoudahSpot icon file that is exactly 1024 pixels wide.
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