1. What is the difference between Tembo vs. HoudahSpot
  2. What does > Enable Tembo Helper used for in Tembo Preferences?
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Tembo and HoudahSpot are both search tools. But they are very different in the approach they take. Thus they can serve different purposes. But also cater to different tastes / ways of thinking.

One could say that Tembo is easier to use and HoudahSpot gives you more control. With HoudahSpot you refine your search until the search result list is manageable. In Tembo you start with a rather broad search and use categories and filters to navigate the results. Thus HoudahSpot is better suited if you have a very large amount of files to search through.

Since much of the differences amount to personal preference, it is quite hard to explain differences. Here are several attempts:

2. Tembo Helper is a small application that runs in the background. It handles the three features listed in with it in Tembo > Preferences > Shortcuts: menu bar item, global shortcut and Finder shortcut.

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