I created a template to search for OpenMeta tags only (doesn't search name, text content, or Spotlight comments). But if I do a search of the template from the Blitz Search Window or from LaunchBar it adds these 3 search fields & doesn't search the OpenMeta tags field.

How do I get it to work to search for OpenMeta tags only?
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The current implementation of BlitzSearch gives the option to search for file name, text content and Spotlight comments. You may enable these criteria using the checkboxes in the BlitzSearch window.

This set of 3 criteria is hardcoded. They will always be added to whichever template you select.

I think your need is best served by assigning your template a shortcut and invoking it from within HoudahSpot.

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Thanks for letting me know.

I've made up a workaround which enables me to activate & search the OpenMeta tags template globally with a keyboard shortcut (using Keyboard Maestro).
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