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As can be seen in the screenshot, when Content Kind is Text,  RTF/ RTFD or SimpleText are not found. (Search Window 1)

Then in (Search Window 2) with different specific criterias files are found!

What's wrong with Content Kind is Text?


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Omar K N

Stockholm, Sweden

iMac 27'' i5
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In HoudahSpot 3.x “Content Kind is Text” searches for files whose Uniform Type Identifier UTI decends from public.text. OS X uses UTIs to build a hierarchy of file types. These types are declared by the system or by third party applications.

On my Mac the .php extension is owned by Panic’s It has a hiearchy of: public.php-script,, public.script, public.source-code, public.plain-text, public.text,, public.item, public.content.

I.e. it descends from public.text and is found when I search for “Content Kind is Text”. 

Please check the type hierarchy on you own Mac. It is listed in the HoudahSpot 3.x Inspector window as “Content Kind”. You need to make the window really wide to see all of the hierarchy.


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