I have some text files in a password-protected Disk Image (.sparsebundle). I'd like to mount it and then use houdah spot to search for some text in a the files. HS finds the .txt files with no issues when I add a 'file extension' condition to the search for the mounted volume, but when I try to search for text it returns nothing. If I copy the files to my desktop, the search succeeds. Obviously I don't want to do this every time I want to do a quick search. Any ideas?

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HoudahSpot relies on the Spotlight index for content searches. Basic searches, like file name,  can, to an extent, work without an index.

I believe Spotlight can be made to index disk images. Obviously this can only work on read-write disk images. I don't know if the password protection adds further restrictions.

You can use the mdutil tool at the command line in the Terminal application to check or change the index status of mounted drives.

1. Open /Applications/Utilities/
2. Paste in the following command: mdutil -s -a
3. Press Return

This will list all mounted volumes and their indexing status.

Let's say you see you disk image listed as "/Volumes/My Sparse Bundle Disk Image" with "Indexing disabled". You can then turn on indexing using the following command:
mdutil -i on "/Volumes/My Sparse Bundle Disk Image"

Paste in the command and press return. The command should reply with "Indexing enabled"
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I suggest that Spotlight is not the best way to search inside sparsebundle, dmg, etc.  Use Find Any File instead.  Searching by name, etc. is pretty fast, but searching on file content will be much slower than Spotlight/HS - but will get there in the end.

[In case it needs saying, I am not associated in any way with Find Any File]
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@houdah , thanks for the quick reply, that makes sense. Regrettably, I don’t want these files indexed by spotlight. 

@gilby, FAF looks good. might give it a try  

thanks to both. 

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