I'm not entirely understanding the purpose of the Favorites part of the Media Library pane and setting.

But what I'd really like is to be able to disable this - I don't need HoudahGeo to be searching my entire hard drive looking for images - something it's been doing for about 3 hours now and has so far found 157,941 images.

I'm quite happy to show it my iPhoto Library(s) where it can load them nearly instantaneously, but this other search is bogging down my Mac Pro and I'm not sure to what purpose since I have a pretty organised structure for storing my photos - they're all in the Pictures folder, and in iPhoto.

So can I prevent Houdah Geo searching Home, Documents etc where there are no photos that I'm interested in having interact with HoudahGeo?


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The Favorites entry points to the Favorites folder in the Finder.

Truth be told, this is a dirty trick in an attempt to improve performance. The media browser in HoudahGeo is slowest to load whichever library or folder is initially selected in the browser. That's why I included the Favorites folder. This usually holds only a few items and is thus quick to load.

The whole trick fails when the Favorite folder contains aliases to deep folder hierarchies. As a workaround, I ask you to remove those aliases from the Favorites folder.

I am currently hard at work on a new version of HoudahGeo with an all-new media browser. This will greatly improve performance. It will no longer list the Favorites folder.

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