When I import a single image file I can properly adjust the time to the correct time in the time zone where the image was taken to match my gpx file. However when i import more then just one it only corrects the first file. I have tried checking & unchecking the box Apply Camera Settings to All Images. (My camera doesn't set time zones)

My process is to drag a group of raw image files to HG and then fill out the Camera Setup dialog. Am I missing something? I hope I don't have to change all 1400 files one by one...

Thanks, John
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Hi John,

HoudahGeo needs to know the camera time zone to make sense of the date and time recorded by your camera. HoudahGeo uses the same time zone  for all images in your project. Unless you changed clock settings on your camera between images, you should be able to add all images to the same project and have the correct time on all of them.

Example: You have taken one image at 3:01 PM and another one at 3:15 PM. In Camera Setup you tell HoudahGeo that the camera was set to GMT+2. Thus HoudahGeo will know to understand the time on the first images as 3:01 PM @ GMT+2 which is the same as 1:01 PM GMT. It will match it to the GPX postion recorded at 1:01 PM GMT. The second image will be matched to the position at 1:15 PM GMT.

In the top right corner of the window has a menu to let you select which time zone to use for displaying times on images and track logs. Set this to GMT+2 to see the times on the above photos as 3:01 and 3:15. You can compare these times to the times in the Tracks panel. E.g. your track may have started at 3 PM and run through 6 PM. If you change the display time zone to GMT, the images will show as 1:01 and 1:15, the track log as 1 - 4 PM. This setting does not alter the times or geocoding process. It only determines how the times are shown within HoudahGeo.

The “Apply Camera Settings to All Images” handles the special case where some or all of the images have time zone information you want to override. With this option checked, all images in the project get the same treatment. Without it, time zone information found in the files takes precedence. Images with existing time zone information show a double globe icon next to the date and time.


Pierre Bernard
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