testing out the trial of houdahgeo 5.1.9. for a start i just want to retime some images. but this ist not possible. i load it, i set the photo time with gmt -7. export with checked box for write timestamp but its still the old timestamp in the overwritten image.

see the imgur for details. 

any ideas? Geotag the image works and the location is saved in the image. Timestamp not working. I'm on macOS Sierra 10.12.5

thanks in advance
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The EXIF timestamp on a photo is made of two parts: a date/time value and a time zone offset. Most cameras only write the date/time value. When HoudahGeo exports a timestamp it adjusts the date/time value for the clock error and also writes the time zone offset. Thus the date/time value sees only a minimal change.

If you wish to shift the clock time on the photo you can use the technique from the blog post: Adjust Photo Times to Match Local Time.
Rather than tell HoudahGeo what time zone the camera clock was set to, you tell it what time zone you want it to be and adjust for the difference using a large value for clock error.


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