I've lots of scanned images which were recorded in analog times. So I scanned the pictures (negatives) with a Dia-Scanner. The record time were set to 1.1.1970, I want to geotag the pictures with HoudahGeo.
My Picutres are alle stored in Mac Photos. I'm selecting the Images in HoudahGeo by opening the Photos Library.
I can adjust the timestamp in HoudahGeo as well as I can set the Location. 
The Result in Mac Photos looks well, timestamp and Location is set as I defined, but after exporting the Original Picture from mac Photos, only the Geodata is set correctly, the timestamp "created" is still set to 1.1.1970.
Is it possible to set the timestamp to a defined date that I want? I'm aware that is only a rough date, of course I don't know when was the picture taken exactly but I want to have the date es exactly as possible.

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Have you used the Export to EXIF/XMP option in HoudahGeo?
Have you set the option to write timestamps?

Digital images usually have 2 dates that can be relevant: the “original date” and the “creation/digitization date”. For photos this usually is the same. For scanned images, this is usually understood as “date the picture was taken” and “date the photo was scanned”. By default, HoudahGeo does not update the “creation/digitization date”. It cares about the date the picture was taken whereas you may also care to remember when the photo was scanned.

I imagine that your scanner set both dates to 1970, HoudahGeo set the original date to the date you entered, and the software you use to check the dates decides to show the creation date instead.

There is a hidden option in HoudahGeo that has it write both original and creation dates. Should you want the creation date to be overwritten, use the form at to ask about this.
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