Sometimes, mostly when there are a lot of images loaded, the timestamp shown is not the one from when the picture was taken but when the picture was imported into aperture.

This happens after I have loaded more that 250 Pictures (load tab -> images)

I'am using HoudahGeo 3.5.8 with Aperture 3.4.5 on Mavericks, but this also happened before I updated to Mavericks...

Any Ideas ?

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HoudahGeo reads metadata from the actual image files. Not from the Aperture database.

What probably happens is that images got "disconnected" in Aperture. They are still shown in Aperture, but Aperture no longer knows where to find the master files.
In that situation falls back to using the JPEG previews created by Aperture.

In right-hand sidebar of the Process tab of HoudahGeo you can see the paths to the images used. You can click a path to reveal it in the Finder.
Please check that the master path points to the actual master file.

If not, you need to help Aperture find referenced files.

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Thanks for the explanation and the information how to check the path of the pictures.

Reloading the Aperture Library fixed the issue...


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