I use HG to update RAW Olympus images in a folder with my travel timezone and travel GPS location.

However, when I then import the RAW images into Photos, the Photos timezone always seems to be set to the timezone where I performed the import. (E.g., back at home after travel.) I then need to perform an extra date/time adjustment in Photos to correct the timezone to be the travel timezone  in order to fix my Moments sort order.

Am I confused or doing something wrong with my HG processing? I'd hoped that Photos would use the burned in info (I see the double globe icon and correct GPS location in HG) during import, if it existed, and figure out the correct timezone.

Another tidbit - the May 1st, 2017 post by Leonie in suggests that Photos would use the GPS info in the photo during import if it was assigned (which I believe I've done).

- Keith
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Hi Keith,

When importing photos that have no time zone information, Apple Photos will assume that the camera clock was set to the same time zone as your computer. Many photo applications make this unfortunate assumption.

This can cause problems when you travel. For one your Mac will - by default - set the time zone automatically as you travel, while your camera will not.

What’s worse is that it will make a difference if you wait till the next day to import your images. E.g. you take photos with 2 cameras. Import images from one camera immediately, travel to the next time zone and then import images from the second camera. Then photos will not sort correctly because the times have not been processed in the same way.

I would hope for Photos to use the time zone information embedded in geotagged images. But don’t know for sure. Even if it does, the experience could be greatly improved if Photos asked how to treat these times. E.g. a photo taken and 2 PM GMT+1 was taken at the same time as a photo taken at 3 PM GMT+2, but you may prefer to see this as 3 PM since that was the time at the location.

Exporting timestamps is optional during HoudahGeo’s EXIF/XMP export. Since your photos show the double globe logo, you had that option enabled: your photos have time zone information.


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