I use the excellent to keep track of tasks. A standard Spotlight search can find an individual item within the Things database and displays a Quick Look preview, which is very handy.

HS does not seem to do this. It shows the Things database (helpfully named "Database.xml") as containing the search string, but doesn't reveal individual items. I've tried searching Tags and Keywords, but no luck.

Am I not using HS properly, or is there something odd about (but if there is, why does a Spotlight search work so well?)
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Shoebox applications need to create proxy files for each item they want to be found by Spotlight.
These are typically located in ~/Library/Caches
Spotlight will find these files. When you open such a proxy file, the owning file will know which data record you want to see.

Please make sure you are not excluding these files or locations from your HoudahSpot search.

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Perfect, thank you. I had excluded Caches on the basis that they contain a lot of stuff I normally don't want to see.

Sorry to have wasted your time.

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