Feature Enhancement UI Suggestion;

When multiple lines of search queries are contained in a single search panel, I would like a checkbox (perhaps just to the right of each + button) in order to temporarily include/exclude individual (already typed) text strings from the search.

The only way to currently do this seems to be to manually delete the text from individual search boxes, then manually add them back again. A simple checkbox to allow the text string to remain but temporarily greyed out (excluded from the search) when the checkbox is unchecked would make search comparisons much simpler and more efficient.

...and as above for the 'Where' and 'Exclude' sections of the search panel.

I'm finding the software very useful, many thanks.
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Thank you for the feedback.

This is a very interesting idea. I will certainly explore that.

Pierre Bernard
Houdah Software s.à r.l.

Houdah Software s. à r. l.

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Thanks Pierre,

The searches would be like playing a piano (the checkboxes representing the keys :-)

...and the results, pure music!

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