I just noticed that something I was doing will hang up HoudahSpot to the point where I have to force quit and start again. It was happening the other day. It just happened again.

I sometimes end up with a dozen or more tabs open because with HoudahSpot, selecting a new search will not close the previous search window. Eventually, there are so many tabs, that I want to kill off most of the tabs.

When I do this, I do it relatively quickly, I simply place my left thumb on the option key, and tap the "w" key (window closed). When I do this I am usually closing several windows (tabs), perhaps a dozen or more. 

I usually count out a cadence in my head and count off eight, more, less, depending on how many tabs I have allowed to clutter the interface. I can rapidly hit the "w" key in this manner while continuing to hold down the option key. I find that I can do this comfortably about four times per second.

When I do this, HoudahSpot will close one or two tabs and then go into a spinning beachball of death. It doesn’t seem to be able to recover from this condition. I have given it more than five minutes in this condition and it continues unabated. The solution is to force quit HoudahSpot and relaunch, Then it is working normally again - as long as I don't close too many windows too quickly.
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This should not happen. Please submit crash reports in cases where HoudahSpot actually crashes.

When it “beachballs” I would appreciate if you can submit a report like this:

1. Open /Applications/Utilities/Activity
2. From the list of processes, select HoudahSpot
3. Select View > Sample Process from the menu
4. This will create a text report. Copy-paste the report into a mail to support at

HoudahSpot 5.0 has a new feature that will help you avoid the root issue: too many windows.
Select File > Revert to start over with a new search (same template) in the current window.

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