I am experiencing some difficulties with the accuracy of placement of photos. I am using Wintec 201 and in general it seems to be working fine. Most of the time tracks are read correctly and pictures placed correctly.

However today I went for a walk with the camera and used GPS to store the track. Some of the pictures are now way off. They are like 10 kilometers wrong. But when I view the track with myTracks for example it seems to go just correctly where I walked.

There are however some occasions where I went inside and the GPS obviously lost signal. These cases seem to result in number of locations that are really off the track. Now it seems that the pictures are "found" along these facke tracks.

Any ideas how to correct this or how to avoid this problem next time?

Any help greatly appreciated!


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Please check your camera clock. If you find it not to be accurate, you may use "clock error" within "Camera Settings" in HoudahGeo to adjust for the offset.

I suspect that such an offset brings your photos to a time where you were actually indoors.

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@vkemppin: I use a Wintec WBT-201 as well, and while it is quite accurate in open areas, I find that it freaks out in urban areas with tall buildings, as well as inside buildings. I also use myTracks, and one of the reasons is that myTracks allows me to edit a track before importing it into HoudahGeo. I can split a track and remove the freaked out parts of the track, and I can move trackpoints to the correct locations.

I also make a habit of turning off the Wntec when I go inside or enter an area without a good view of the sky. I end up manually geocoding a lot of my photos, as most of them are taken in urban areas where the Wintec can't reliably track its position.

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