The Wintec WBT-201 has a track button which seems to mark waypoints?
When I download the data from the GPS unit into HoudahGeo it shows the correct number of "tracked" waypoints in the info under the image for a selected picture and allows me to assign one. How can I find out which photos are associated with the tracked waypoints however? That is to say, how can I find out which photos were taken closest to the time the "track" button on the Wintec unit was pressed?
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Unfortunately the WBT-201 does not let you name waypoints. What HoudahGeo shows you however are the waypoints names.

I currently use the WBT-201 for automatic track log based geocoding. Thus I don't need the waypoints.

In a future update, I will have HoudahGeo show waypoint time stamps if available. Thus matching them up will get easier.

For now, I can only suggest to open the GPX tracklog generated using HoudahGPS in a text editor and look up the timestamps on waypoints.

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