Only found a brief mention of this in another thread, which wasn't responded to:

I have my Dock display on the left side of my built-in display, and an external display to the right.  This configuration seems to make the Tray unusable, since when placed on the left it is covered by the Dock, on the "right" it only opens when the cursor is in an indeterminate space at the border of my two displays, and on the bottom it will only open on the small display, regardless of which display's "bottom" surface I touch.

My ideal solution would be to allow the Tray to detect and appear at the true right side (of the second display), and to allow the Tray to know when it must be placed further from the edge so as not to collide with the Dock.

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The Tray indeed currently supports only the main display. I.e. the one that has the menu bar.

I am still not sure what's the best way to provide support for multiple displays.

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