I have attempted many times to upload to Everytrail from my iMac to Everytrail.  I would like to upload 7 photos and the GPS trail exported from the Ascent software.  Each time I make the attempt HoudahGeo seems to stay fixed on uploading trail and the iMac performance grinds to a halt and after a short time the Mac's fans start and keep running. I have not had a problem previously until the latest update to HoudahGeo.  Is anyone else facing a similar issue or am I not doing something correctly?
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I just tried uploading an admittedly small dummy trip to EveryTrail.
It worked as expected.

Trip / track log size may be a factor here.

Could you please check /Applications/Utilities/ > All messages for error messages from HoudahGeo?
Please send me those messages.

Once your Mac's fans run wild, please use /Applications/Utilities/Activity
Locate the HoudahGeo process. Select it and click "Sample Process" in the toolbar.

This will create a text report of what HoudahGeo was up to.
Please send me that.

Wait a minute and then create another report so I can see if HoudahGeo made any progress.

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