Hi and good day,

This is the search for pictures I'd like to do (Searchword: Australia):

Look for all files which have:

- either Australia as filename (Displayname)
- or Australia as tag
- or Australia as folder name. (files which have any Displayname, but which are in a folder that contains Australia)

The screenshot shows what I have come up with but it is not correct!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

With best regards,
Omar KN


iMac 27'' i5
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Just now I realised that Displayname also catches Folder names, so then is this all there is regarding this question?
iMac 27'' i5
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Hi Omar,

I suggest you add a “Content Kind” “is” “Image” criterion at the top level.

Your search currently has an empty “All” group. The last 2 criteria are not nested in the “All” group, but at the top level. Thus your search will match any file or folder named or tagged Australia.

You cannot search for files by parent folder. I.e. you cannot create a search to find all images where any of the parent folders is named Australia.

You can either first search for all folders named Australia and then drag those to the “Locations” pane to create a search in any of these folders.

Or you can search for images in any location and then use the path filter (above search results) to view only files with Australia in their path.


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