I think there isn't any forum yet for this program but i have suggest for the program..... how about option to disable the text shown on mac. because when you enter for example password it is shown totally on your mac. which I think is kind a bad thing.

so please add disable button. for it please.

and there is a bug also when you type "." it just types "," to iPad 
this might be localization problem but still.

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Thank you for the feedback. I have now created a Type2Phone forum.

Not displaying or obfuscating text on the Mac side is indeed an interesting idea.

Which keyboard layout are you using?
I just tested the US layout and "." and "," came out correctly.

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I echo the feature request for a minimized or hidden display, but do not see the punctuation bug.  (I'm a US-based user, and see that the keyboard type can be selected using the small flag to the right, which works for me with the default US American keyboard.)

The security and privacy implications of such a large key-by-key display are pretty severe.

I'd like to see the option for a "regular" terminal-style display with controllable font size, as for example in TextEdit, or for hiding the display entirely leaving perhaps just a minimal indicator (A flashing "LED" for example) for key press activity.

Finally, while much cheaper than a Bluetooth keyboard, $4.99 seems a bit high to me for the price.  I bought it, obviously, but think you could do better at a lower price point.

Overall this is a great idea.  I can use it to more easily compose e-mails and interact with remote sites via my phone-based apps via 3G when not connected to a WiFi network, without having to shell out for the monthly tethering fee.  This is a great solution for those who need just a little more convenience and utility but don't need full tethering.
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May I also suggest that you try it with some communication-style apps, such as iSSH?  I am seeing some oddities - the arrow keys do not seem to work, for example, nor do the control keys seem to be transmitted.

It works fine in iPhone's mail app.
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Hmm, the issue with iSSH may be with the Apple SDK that app is using (and maybe this one, too).

There is a thread on this at 
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