I do not presently have a GPS logger so my usage of HoudahGeo has been restricted to manually taggin from Google Earth (and thus not very accurate).
So, I was thinking about buying a GPS logger.

Then I got the idea that I actually have Sony Ericsson P1i, for which there are GPS hardware. Also, reasearching this just a little bit, I found a number of GPS logger software that seem to be desinged for sports mainly, but since the basic idea is the same (after all, all I need is a track to put into HoudahGeo) I thought that maybe one of them would do?

Now, the big question is: do anyone on this forum know of software for UIQ phones that write track data which can be converted by Houdah GPS and then later used in HoudahGeo?

I would appreciate any input on this!

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HoudahGeo supports GPX, NMEA and some CSV formats.

I don't know if there is any software to download track logs from the Sony Ericsson phones.

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For future reference, I found a solution which is really excellent!

Trekbuddy ( is an application for mobile phones which is designed for logging walks, geocaching and similar activities. It logs to nmea or GPX format and seems to have everything one, or at least I, would ever need.

*  logs from bluetooth, internal, serial GPS:es, as well as HGE-100 (a very underrated little device)
* easy start + stop OSD buttons
* ability to use a map / atlas for your tracks, current position. These can easilly be created in advance by a third party java tool.
* costum layout of screen (CMS mode)
* compass mode
* waypoints
* replay of log file directly in the phone.

Also, it is absolutelly free.

The only thing is that, since it is a midlet, you have to do some magic to get the application to not have to ask you for permission for every single file /directory read, listing or writing action. But, after having set it up the way you like it (there is a certificate for it) it is sooo smooth to use.

The only downside is that the camera on my P1i seems not to be recognized when it comes to including a picture in the definition of waypoints. Ha ha. Ok, but this is something I can really live without :-)

Hope someone finds this useful.


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