I'm still currently using the old generation HoudahGeo (version 2.9.5) since it does everything I want insofar as tagging and mapping my photos, but recently I've begun to have error messages when I try to reverse geocode my photos. It fails no matter if I try to use CloudMade, GeoNames or Bing. All options are attempted but I consistently get an error message about all the photos failing to be reverse geocoded.

Its not critical but it is a little disappointing. 

Has something recently broke or changed where reverse geocoding information is retrieved in HoudahGeo?

Thank you,
Jerry Fisher
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GeoNames used to provide a free service that required no login. This has gone away long ago.

CloudMade has recently stopped serving smaller users.

Our Bing account was not renewed past last november because we could not agree to licensing terms. HoudahGeo 3 had long since used MapBox as main map provider. Bing Maps in HoudahSpot 2 continued to work - at least for some time.

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