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I am connected to a remote volume and am unable obtain any search results with HoudahSpot.

I have re-indexed the volume but no luck.

- refinements: none
- location: is the volume i wish to search mounted on my desktop
- limits: none

i am not sure whats happening [frown]


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Spotlight indexing of remote volumes works only with certain ways of mounting the volume. E.g. through AFP. If the drive is connected to another Mac and that Mac is used to share the drive with the network, indexing should work.

I believe some implementations of SMB can also work. If memory serves, Apple has defined custom extensions to SMB that some vendors support and others don't. You will need to the vendor of your remote drive or NAS solution about Spotlight support.

Spotlight keeps indexes for remote volumes on your Mac. On some installs the folder where those indexes should be saved is missing. You will need then to create the folder for the index to be created.

To create the folder:

1. Open /Applications/Utilities/
2. Paste in the following:
sudo mkdir -p /private/var/db/Spotlight-V100/Volumes/
3. Press return. When asked, enter your administrator password

To check on indexing of your volume:

1. Open /Applications/Utilities/
2. Paste in the following:
mdutil -s -a
3. Press return

The above will list all drives and their Spotlight indexing status.

To enable indexing of a volume:
1. Open /Applications/Utilities/
2. Paste in the following (replace the name of your volume):
sudo mdutil -i on "/Volumes/name_of_your_volume"
3. Press return. When asked, enter your administrator password

Indexing will start in the background of the drive and file protocol are supported.

Pierre Bernard
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