I'm evaluating HoudahGeo (v2.3.6), but I'm having some real difficulty to pair it with iPhoto 09 (v8.1.1).

I have over 1,000 images taken without a GPS, and I wish to add permanently longitude/latitude data to the EXIF. The masters are successfully updated with GPS and IPCT data. But I'm unable to copy the EXIF onto the optimized versions of the pictures created by iPhoto. And that's essential to me: the optimized copies are reframed and color corrected -- it's the copies I use to browse, send to friends or to my Flickr account.

Here's what I do:
- In the HoudahGeo prefs, Preload photo libraries and Load iPhoto Library are checked,
- I perform what seems the correct task: add images from library, geocode them using a map, add City/Country from the Inspector, write EXIF tags (Geocoded images only and Tag masters/originals are the only checked boxes), click on OK and then on Proceed to access the iPhoto library.
- If I access the master, the EXIF data has been successfully written onto the image,
- From iPhoto, I right-click the picture, ask to look again for location... and nothing happens. The optimized version of the picture doesn't inherit the EXIF tags. In the left side of iPhoto, a wheel close to Location keeps turning on and on and on...

Besides, if I clic on the "i" icon of the processed image, the map is updated but the name of the city/location is blank. It seems like iPhoto can't use the IPCT locations.

Am I doing things in the wrong order? Should I quit HoudahGeo before accessing again iPhoto. I don't understand either the purpose of saving the project -- whether I save or not doesn't seem to make any difference.

Thank you for your help, and happy holidays!
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Thank you for your interest in HoudahGeo.

Most users want to tag iPhoto originals as the previews are only temporary. The preview is overwritten the next time you do an adjustment in iPhoto. You'll however want the GPS data to be written to the iPhoto database. That's where iPhoto plug-ins should get it from when publishing your photos.

When writing EXIF with the procedure you describe, HoudahGeo should offer to notify iPhoto of the new metadata. Accept this offer. GPS coordinates will then be visible in iPhoto. iPhoto will not see IPTC data. It will perform its own reverse geocoding.

That said, if you'd rather tag the previews than the originals, you just need to uncheck the "Tag Masters/Originals" checkbox.

Saving the project is not related to EXIF export. You may want to save a project to return to it later.

Happy Holidays!

Pierre Bernard
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I understand your point, which is appropriate when you use your software on a daily routine. My need was slightly different, because the pictures I was talking about were taken several months or years ago, and all of them had already been post-processed.

Anyway, your solution works perfectly. Basically, I have to geotag the same picture twice -- one time for the original, and another for the post-processed version.

Thanks for your answer. All my best wishes of happiness and prosperity for the new year.
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