I'm using the app Theodolite from the iTunes App Store as a temporary gps unit to correctly geotag my photos from my Pentax K-01. I aim my iPhone at the same spot as I shoot each photo and tap the 'log' button on the screen to create a waypoint that records the usual location information plus the heading (I find that I'm becoming very anal-rententive about making sure as much information about my photos are recorded as possible).

Theodolite exports all the waypoints as a KML file via email. I then use GPSBabelFE to convert the KML to GPX. 

Everything seems to work fine and I've double-checked to make sure the waypoints show up correctly in Google Maps, which they do. The problem is, when I drag the GPX file into Houdahgeo to tag my photos, there is a quick dialog window stating that Houdahgeo is converting or reading the file and then... nothing. No tracks or waypoints, no changes at all.

I tried a few times and then tried exporting the KML file as an NMEA file, but still no joy. I finally used an online converter at Kml2gpx to see if GPSBabelFE was messing something up, but the resulting GPX file read correctly on Google Map again but still wouldn't be accepted by Houdahgeo.

Am I doing something wrong somewhere? I've included a copy of the KML 2015-06-06 09-56-17.jpg  file and one of the photos that should be timestamped.

I look forward to anyone with advise.
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KML is not a good choice for the task. KML is the native format of Google Earth. It's main purpose is to show points, tracks, etc. in Google Earth. It lacks a standardized way for storing date and time information. I.e. every KML editor decides if and how it wants dates to be show in Google Earth. Some put it in a comment. Your KML has the date and time in the names of the placemarks. Thus GPSBabel and Kml2gpx will create a GPX file with no dates attached to the waypoints.

You can still use those waypoints to assign locations to photos using HoudahGeo. In the "Process" step / tab of HoudahGeo, select one or more photos, then select the waypoint from the pop-up menu in the inspector pane.

Do check out our recent blog post on geocoding from reference photos. This copies latitude, longitude and altitude from geotagged photos to other photos taken in the same time frame. It does not copy viewing direction.


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