I am trying out a new GPS tracking app for the iPhone and Apple Watch called Tracker, but HoudahGeo doesn't like the GPX files it generates. When I try to import, I get an "Unknown File Format" error. Is there a problem with the formatting of the output GPX? If so, I'd like to notify the developer. In the meantime, I was able to pull coordinates out of the raw file and apply them directly to the photos using HoudahGeo, so kudos for a handy application!

I'm attaching a copy of the GPX file with the extension set to ".txt" so that the forum software will allow it.

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The file does not pass XML validation at

It is missing a character in the CDATA used for the track name:


should be:



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Thanks very much for the super-fast response! I will pass that on to the developers.

PS The app is actually called Tagger, not Tracker.
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