On starting up the program this morning, the update gave me the option to download and install a new version 2.2 ("A new version of HoudahSpot is available!"). I click on "Install Update", then there's downloading, then I click on "Install and Relaunch" and...get the screen informing me once again that "A new version of HoudahSpot is available". And so on, forever...

I've clicked on "Remind me later" to stop the cycle, but presumably there's some small mistake (a non-updated version number?) somewhere that's doing this.
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Thanks for reporting the issue.

I had accidently released the wrong version of HoudahSpot 2.2. The server now has the correct version. Please update once more. That should give you the final version.

Pierre Bernard
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Thanks, updated fine.

There is one problem that I've spotted, which I'll put in a separate message, but I am happy with the Global Menu feature that finally allows pasting from the Finder. Thanks!
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