I geotagged some photos using HoudahGeo1.4.10 (1565) and successfully uploaded them to Flickr, which recognized the geotags and automatically placed them on the map.

I uploaded the same photo files to, which didn't recognize the geotags, so I would have to place the photos manually.

Here are the two images:

On the [URL=]Panoramio forum[/URL], I received the reply:

[QUOTE]The script which extracts the Exif info for the Geolocation is rather "sensitive" to the syntax used and I noticed that the Geolocation of your Exif misses long & lat reference when I'm trying to read the Data with the Exif viewer plug in for FF.

Example one of my Exifs will show:
# GPS Version ID = 0x00,0x00,0x02,0x02
# GPS Latitude Reference = N
# GPS Latitude = 45/1,6/1,3804/100 [degrees, minutes, seconds] ===> 45° 6′ 38.04″
# GPS Longitude Reference = W
# GPS Longitude = 74/1,31/1,615/100 [degrees, minutes, seconds] ===> 74° 31′ 6.15″

Yours only shows:
# GPS Latitude = 50/1,508/100,0/1 [degrees, minutes, seconds] ===> 50° 5.08′
# GPS Longitude = 8/1,1467/100,0/1 [degrees, minutes, seconds] ===> 8° 14.67′[/QUOTE]

Is there a setting in HoudahGeo that can enable this extra information, or is it a case that Panoramio is more sensitive than Flickr to the EXIF data? Is it a matter of making HoudahGeo more standards compliant (if there is an agreed-upon geotagging standard)?

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HoudahGeo does write latitude, longitude and altitude references values.

When I download the images from Flickr or Panoramio, I see no GPS data at all. I imagine this was stripped by the respective services.

You may verify GPS data on your own images by using the command line tool /Applications/

You may also mail in sample images and I'll have a look at them.

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