When updating HoudahSpot, user templates are trashed.  If you don't remember to make a copy of them, or pull them out of the Library, they're gone.  

I use TimeMachine.  With TimeMachine you can go back to before you updated and recover your user templates.
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This should not happen. The HoudahSpot auto-update feature does not delete user templates. It may only update templates in the "Sample Templates" folder.

Are you running an app cleaning / uninstalling tool like AppZapper, CleanMyMac, etc. ?
The purpose of such uninstaller tools is to delete applications along with their preferences, license information, etc. These will delete templates.

Some of these tools can watch for applications to be deleted and then proceed to delete preferences, etc.
When the updater removes the old version, such uninstallers may make the mistake to delete related files even though a newer version of the application was just installed.

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