Turns out this thing works pretty nicely, without even having to convert the file it produces for it to be read (I think, I'll be able to confirm later, I did it several ways today). I've not figured out how to make the waypoint thing make a difference. It think it works in conjunction with the PC software according to the manual, requiring an extra step HoudahGeo doesn't.

Basically, you hook this thing up to a USB port, and due to a lack of ports, I drag the file to my desktop, then plug in my camera card, and launch HoudahGeo. I pick the photos from the card, select the track from a file option, and it works.

I picked this logger because it doesn't require a driver, the battery life was decent, and price. You are also able to use the rest of the 128MB memory onboard for whatever you wish. There is a copy of the PDF manual onboard as well. At a shipped price of ~$75 from Amazon, via the link from the FAQ on this site, it was possibly the cheapest I've seen, as well.
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I agree completely. I just picked one up and it's remarkably easy, there is virtually no setup and in my tests is quite accurate.
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I've just got the Amod, too; and like it very much.

I do have a couple of queries for other users who might have more experience of it than I, please:

1 - it gives wildly inaccurate results on each first use session. The local vendors told me that it needs about 20 minutes every time it's not used for more than a few days to [B]find all the satellites[/B]. It gets a fix after 45 seconds or so, for sure, but that's approximate. Until it's (presumably triangulated better) it's just guessing! Can anyone confirm this, please?

2 - I can't [B]erase the logs on board[/B] by holding down ON/OFF + Mark for 5 seconds while the device is off (the preferred method). Have been mounting it via USB and deleting (unwanted/previous) tracks from the Finder. Anyone any other ideas?

Does seem to work well with both Leopard and the Houdah s/w, though :-)

Mark Sealey,
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From cold it can take 2–3 minutes to get a fix if it's left on a windowsill — it takes MUCH longer if I'm walking about with it. After that it's fine.

If you're using it for geotagging (ie you're moving slowly) you need to install the firmware update that disables static navigation (one of the [B]SNoff[/B] versions) as SN is probably what's causing the accuracy issues.

The waypoints are also in a non-standard format prior to version 2.2; HoudahGeo might not be able to see them if they're in Amod's own format. (I've not used waypoints with HoudahGeo yet, but after updating to 2.2, gpsbabel converted them to KML just fine: ISTR HoudahGeo uses gpsbabel...)

Unfortunately there's no Mac updater so you'll need to find a Windows box you can run it on
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