I have a set of 77 files in my result set in a 'Grid' view.
All of the files are unmodified iPhone 4S images taken with the camera (JPGs, not PNGs), with the exception of the filenames.
Task: Some of the files required modification to their orientation (portrait/landscape).
Attempted to do "Open Selection With.." with using a multi-select of images. FAILURE. (Single selections work.)

Rather than the above, I simply dragged the multi-selected files to on the dock. SUCCESS.

After correcting the orientations of the photos, I then noticed the result sets thumbnails did not update. (Their Quick View images, however, WERE updated.)

I then tried:
Redo-ing the search. Thumbnails still outdated.
I adjusted the size of the thumbnails. When I went to full-size where one image showed per "page", the correct thumbnail finally appeared. Going back to more than one image per page, eventually (yes, eventually), appeared updated.

Additional detail:

-the USB flash drive is FAT formatted. Unsure if performance is factor, but I did not see the drive's LED flash showing activity during this time.

-I am doing this piecemeal currently, so I will try to add additional details or patterns as I discover them.

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Thank you for reporting the problem with "open with…". I will see to get that fixed by the next update.

The grid view is a system component. It is indeed too aggressive about caching previews. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about it.

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